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Date(s) - May 20, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Saturday Sabbath Service
Zoom Meeting ID: 9578794364
Password: 2CRmxc

By Phone Conference: (978) 990-5122
Access code: 7635688


MAY 20, 2023
“ Question : 
Do we have the faith to believe the promises of God ?? “ 
“ Do you have faith to believe in the the difficulties in our lives ?? “ 
JOHN 14:12-14
  • Everything is centers around the  FAITH we have in Jesus.   Believing for our answered prayers.
  •  Every answered prayer brings Glory to God through Jesus Christ.
  • If we asked for ANYTHING in a Jesus’s  name, GOD WILL DO IT!  God does because of our FAITH in Jesus.   This is the key to  ANSWERED prayers.
MATTHEW 7:7-12
  • Ask anything and it will be opened unto you.  We just need to have the faith to believe God
“ Matthew 7:8
For everyone without ask and receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened “
MARK 11: 21-24
  • Having FAITH  in  God IS …by  FAITH we know the world is framed  by God
The Definition of Faith = complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
  • Don’t compare GODS WORD to what others say.   Just  BELIEVE  in God.   Have FAITH  in what the  GODS WORD says.
  • God will  GIVE you exactly what you ask for if you believe snd have Faith in his Word.
JOHN 15:7-15
  • In these scriptures, This means more than just REMAINING  In Jesus but for us to fully UNDERSTAND  who the Lord  truly is and WALK in that.
  • Jesus says that he is only doing  what PLEASES the  Father.  Jesus will only SPEAK what the Father says.
“ If you abide in ME, and MY words abide in you, 
You will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. “. John15:7
The Definition of abiding =  accept or act in accordance with
Lasting a long time enduring
The SPIRIT of God is always in fight with the                         FLESH.   The Holy Spirit  can not work in what the flesh abides in.  It’s Quenched.
The Definition of Quenched =  to stifle or suppress
To extinguish , “ to put out” or “ to go out”
  • Jesus came to show us who the father is.   The World knows that when the church  UNDERSTANDS  and comes into line with who Jesus is , this world will be a different place.  The devil doesn’t want us to know this.
  • When we ask in prayer to God, It manifests GOD when our prayers are answered.  This brings glory to God and God is pleased.
  • Gods gets the GLORY when the heaven is open to us.
JOHN 16: 23-24
  • Jesus is transitioning us to going to him ( Jesus) for us to go to the Father directly.  In that day comes, we won’t have to go through Jesus we can NOW ask directly to the Father for those things we desire.
  • NOW we see the AUTHORITY in God
JOHN 16:26
  • At this time we can go directly to GOD for those things we ask in Jesus Name.  ( Jesus doesn’t pray on our behalf anymore,  for the Father himself loves us. ) because we lived Jesus and we believe and faith
  • Come to the understand of  GODS  will.  God confirms his WORD!
  • The Key to prayer is to believe and WALK,-STEP OUT in what the Lord says.  We should be willing to believe and STEP OUT in Gods WORD. .

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