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Date(s) - April 29, 2023
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Saturday Sabbath Service
Zoom Meeting ID: 9578794364
Password: 2CRmxc

By Phone Conference: (978) 990-5122
Access code: 7635688


APRIL 29, 2023
1 CORINTHIANS 15:35-42
  • You have to  DIE before you come ALIVE.   This is just the  BEGINNING. When we die , the seed of tho body will come back.
  •  Each of us is going to be given a GOD pleasing body. Each  ( persons) seed with get their own individual body.   The seed that is sown won’t be the same body. That we currently have.  But a body that God pleases.     God has been waiting to give us the BODY  that he   VISIONS  us to have.
  • The Apostle meant to be ABSENT and PRESENT with the lord.
~ Pastor Ray says that the Church ought to be DIFFERENT especially after the pandemic that the world experienced.  We need to be that healing church and we ( everyone ) need to be the one to and help one another.  ~
  • Gods WORD gives us HOPE because we know that God is going to  RAISE  us up in a new body   one that is Healed without a blemish or diseased.
  • DEATH HAS BEEN DESTROYED. That’s  what eternal life is.  ( The LAST  enemy that will be destroyed is DEATH)
  • Death signifies that this is a SIN.   GOD never meant for this to be our end for us.  This sin goes back to when Eve and Adam ate  from the tree that GOD had forbidden.
  • When we die , this isn’t the ending, but this is our BEGINNING!
  • We GRIEVE  when people die because DEATH took them. Death is  the ENEMY!
  • When we  die , our seed sown into the ground. When will come back ALIVE ,  It’s from the seed that was planted.  A seed doesn’t produce until it dies first.
  • The body that is CREMATED  is a seed planted then it raised back up it’s not the same body but a NEW BODY  that GOD gives US. A new body PLEASES  him.  Each  SEED is its his own INDIVIDUAL body.
  • GOD will give you a body according to who you are.  Everyone will have their own individual body. No one person will have the same body.  This new body  is GREAT and looks much better than the body we have right now.
  • You are SOMEWHERE in the  FUTURE and you look much BETTER  than you look  RIGHT NOW!
1 CORINTHIANS 15:42-49
  • Don’t SORROW like those who  don’t have any HOPE.

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